These days, we are flooded with possessions, but merely having things does not bring a sense of fulfillment to our lives. The effective use of time for one's own purposes is surely a more accurate reflection of fulfillment in life and therefore "prosperity". Together with an increase in leisure time has come the desire to live one's own distinctive lifestyle, often by making things for oneself that nobody else possesses. The DIY Home Center Handsman was established in response to such needs, in the spirit of "Living life one's own way".

As we aim to stock every single item that our customers might want for their houses and lives, each of our stores boasts an array of 220,000 items for sale, but realistically speaking we will only sell several pieces a year of the majority of these goods. Furthermore, each of our stores is staffed by as many as 100 full-and of skilled employees. It would be possible to run the stores with half that number of staff if we were to focus solely on selling goods, but in order to provide quality information to our customers we need a large number of skilled employees. Our corporate philosophy places "The customer comes first", and when it comes to life and houses, we see meeting the customer's needs as being the essence of true service, so this is where we invest our management resources.




Our approach to customer service is to never say that we don't have an item, as if there is a need for certain life or housing-related product, we will either add it to our range or place a special order. This service covers not only the specific item itself but also a full range of peripheral items that may very slightly in terms of function, size and color. This kind of approach builds up a level of confidence in the customer that "at Handsman you can definitely find what you want." This in turn leads to a heightened ability to attract customers and therefore results in high profitability.



As ideas and Know-how for DIY materials and tools are to be found allover the world.our buyers make overseas trips once every two or three months to attend exhibitions and visit home centers. We are constantly on the lookout for products that are unusual or suited to Japanese needs. There are marvelous products out these still unknown to us. but just waiting to be introduced to consumers in Japan, and we see it as part of our job to bring them into the Japanese market. At present, we directly import 4,000 items manufactured by 150 companies in 15 overseas countries, and these numbers are increasing every year. This is the reason why our customers say that "New discoveries can be made at Handsman."


At Handsman, we do not sell refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions and radio-cassette recorders. Such electrical goods are sold in specialty stores. What our customers want from us is parts rather than the product itself. For example, earth cords for refrigerators and drain-hoses for washing machines, parts of pipes or filters for air conditioners, parts for television and radio-cassette recorder antennas as well as cords, wiring terminal points and fuses for all sorts of electrical goods. We also stock the tools and parts needed to repair electrical products, with many usually only being seen in the hands of an electrician, and certainly never normally found in the tool box at home. We stock such items because they are often not sold in specialist electrical goods stores.




They are many occasions in this world when customers find that they must buy a pack of five when they only want one, or that they want 100 only to find that the item is sold in individual units. However, at Handsman you can buy individual pieces, but the more you buy the lower the unit price will become. Screws can be bought by the individual piece, electrical cord in units of 10 centimeters and gardening soil is sold by the liter. Our sales methods are reflect the motto that "It is the customer who decides the number or the amount they will buy". Every year, in response to customer requests, there are more goods being sold in this way.




To us, a user-friendly store layout is an essential aspect of customer service, as it will serve to reduce the amount of time needed to complete their shopping. As a result, we employ a unique product categorization system and arrange our store layout so the sales areas and product display shelves are connected to each category. This is why our customers can be heard to say, "At Handsman, it's easy to find what you're looking for."


Not only are the Handsman staff ready to provide sales capability and a wealth of product information, but also we have the know-how to enable our sales areas to function as centers for the dissemination of DIY information. The "how-to" pamphlet and the substantial nature of the point of purchase as well as easily-understood product displays take shopping with us to a level of enjoyment.




At the entrance to each of our stores, you will find a fully equipped workshop for customers to use free of charge. This is of particular assistance for people who will try their hand at DIY for the first time, as our advisory staff are ready to give helpful advice on the use of tools as well as tips to help with home-handyman projects.




We have 100 staff at each of our stores, which is three times the average number for this business category. Our goal is not only to sell goods, but also, without exception, to provide the level of service desired by our customers. There are staff to guide customers to the product they are looking for, staff to advice customers about a purchase, staff to carry heavy purchases to the customer`s car, staff to offer shopping baskets or trolleys to customers holding a product, as well as staff to greet and say goodbye to customers. Each and the reason we are so well supported by our customers is that our service reflects the quintessential nature of retailing.


We are often asked, "Aren't you going to introduce a POS system?" Certainly for those in the distribution industry, a POS system is essential these days to keep track of and manage sales turnover and stock, however we have chosen not to introduce such a system, but we have developed our original system such as we called "Electric Order System and Point Of Receive System". The reason is that, while POS gives us information concerning past product sales, it does not tell us what the customer really wants. Also, with the use of POS there is no need to put price tags on the goods, since bar codes can simply be read at the cash register, and because computers will then automatically place orders, staff contact with products is reduced. We prefer to leave everything to do with products to people rather than machines. The reason why we do not introduce POS is because we place emphasis on customer care.




With the cooperation of our suppliers, Handsman holds study sessions to increase the number of qualified DIY advisors and Kowledgeable product-category managers in our stores and, by improving the skills of our staff, we strive to further enhance our ability to function as a center for DIY information. In addition, we encourage the development of capable staff by rewarding those who perform well, or gain DIY advisor qualificatios, thereby improving the quality of our staff as well as providing them with greater job satisfaction.




On the wall at the Company's headquarters, there is Handsman clock surrounded by seven other clocks showing the time for major cities around the world, indicating that Handsman is located in the middle of the global community. Members of our staff are constantly flying around the world looking for new and unusual products, as well as useful information and management methods. The fruits of this search are skillfully melded together with our current practices in our desire to become a truly unique DIY mega-store. We are committed to being of service to those resourceful people who would like to turn their hands to making something or improving their homes in some way.



Business activity Administration of DIY home center "Handsman"

●Offering 220,000 items with 100 employees per store.

●Not rely on POS system, complying with all customers' merchandise requests.

●Multi floor layout and central viewing area allow customers to see both floors and thousands of items for easy shopping.

●Knowledgeable sales associates to help Do-It-Yourself'ers and industry professionals!

●Highly trained employees in charge of merchandise layout and displays!
Headquarters Postal code number 885 -0006
2080, Yoshio-cho, Miyakonojo-City, Miyazaki, Japan.
Telephone number 0986-38-0847
Date Founded Date Founded 1914
Date Established: 1964
Capital 1,057,500,000 yen
Number of Employees 1,199 persons (Year ended June, 2018)
Sales 31,050 million yen (Year ended June, 2018)
Place of business
Miyazaki Prefecture 2080, Yoshio-cho, Miyakonojo-City, Miyazaki
<Miyazaki Prefecture (four stores)>
Yoshio store 772, Yoshio-cho, Miyakonojo-City, Miyazaki
Kano store 346-1, Kano-otsu, Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki-City, Miyazaki
Niinazume store 1740, Nigatsuda, Niinazume, Miyazaki-City, Miyazaki
Yanagimaru store 143-2, Yanagimaru-cho, Miyazaki-City, Miyazaki
<Kagoshima Prefecture (two stores)>
Kokubu store 32-23, Kokubufuchu-cho, Kirishima-City, Kagoshima
Usuki store 2-14-5, Usuki, Kagoshima-City, Kagoshima
<Kumamoto Prefecture (two stores)>
Ezu store 1014-8, shigetomi, ezu-machi, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-City, Kumamoto
Kikuyo store 2750-5, Kubo, Tsukure, Kikuyomachi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto
<Oita Prefecture (one store)>
Wasada store 1070, Ikeda, Ichi, Oita-City, Oita
<Fukuoka Prefecture (two stores)>
Onojo store 1-5-1, Minami-oori, Onojo-City, Fukuoka
Kusami store 3914-21, kusami, Kusami, Kokura-minami-ku, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka
【Distribution center】
<Miyazaki Prefecture (two bases)>The 1st distribution center 2040-7, Hayasuzu-cho, Miyakonojo-City, Miyazaki
The 2nd distribution center 1866-11, Hayasuzu-cho, Miyakonojo-City, Miyazaki
Achievements Accounting period Sales transition
  • June, 2009 20,738 million yen
  • June, 2010 21,392 million yen
  • June, 2011 24,299 million yen
  • June, 2012 25,021 million yen
  • June, 2013 26,854 million yen
  • june, 2014 28,288 million yen
  • june, 2015 29,024 million yen
  • june, 2016 31,126 million yen
  • june, 2017 32,222 million yen
  • june, 2018 31,050 million yen
Representative Representative director president Seiji Ozono
listed classification JASDAQ
Average age 46.4 years old
Average length of service 9.5 years


1914 Founded as Nakamuraya electrical machinery glass company in Kamimachi, Miyakonojo-City.
1964 Established Ozono Glass building-materials company in Nakamachi, Miyakonojo-City.
The capital 5 million yen
1967 The capital was increased to 9 million yen.
1968 The capital was increased to 12 million yen.
1972 The capital was increased to 13 million yen.
A trade name was changed to Ozono Glass Building materials Co.,Ltd.
1973 The capital was increased to 28,760,000 yen.
1974 The capital was increased to 39 million yen.
1980 The head office was relocated to Hayasuzu-cho, Miyakonojo-City.
1984 Jointed Japan DIY merchandise circulation group (DMC group).
1985 A trade name was changed to Ozono Co.,Ltd.
1986 A home center operation division was established newly.
No. 1 store DIY home center Handsman Yoshio store (Miyakonojo-City, Miyazaki) -- opened
1992 No. 2 store DIY home center Handsman Kano store (Miyazaki-gun, Miyazaki) -- opened
1995 A trade name was changed to Handsman Co.,Ltd.
A building-materials operation division was transferred to Marudai Building materials Co.,Lt.
(Presently Ozono Building materials Co.,Ltd.), and the headquaters was relocated to Yoshio-cho, Miyakonojo-City.
1996 No. 3 store DIY home center Handsman Niinazume store (Miyazaki-City, Miyazaki) -- opened
1997 The capital was increased to 150,300,000 yen.
1998 No. 4 store DIY home center Handsman Yanagimaru store (Miyazaki-City, Miyazaki) -- opened
2000 Listed on the JASDAQ over the counter.
The capital was increased to 316,500,000 yen.
No. 5 store DIY home center Handsman Kokubu store (Kokubu-City, Kagoshima) -- opened
2001 The capital was increased to 1,057,500,000 yen.
No. 6 store DIY home center Handsman Ezu store (Kumamoto-City, Kumamoto) -- opened
2003 No. 7 store DIY home center Handsman Wasada store (Oita-City, Oita) -- opened
2005 No. 8 store DIY home center Handsman Onojo store (Onojo-City, Fukuoka) -- opened
2007 No. 9 store DIY home center Handsman Kikuyo store (Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto) -- opened
2009 No. 1 store DIY home center Handsman Yoshio store (Miyakonojo-City, Miyazaki) was relocated -- opened
2010 No. 10 store DIY home center Handsman Kusami store (Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka) -- opened
2012 No. 11 store DIY home center Handsman usuki store (Kagoshima-City, Kagoshima) -- opened